Jxhn Jacxb is ready to claim his spot in the upper echelon of wordsmiths. By age 12, the Hammond Indiana native was spitting bars that rivaled rappers twice his age. At the same time, he was being swallowed by the streets his lyrics sought to describe. After a neighborhood brawl that left him run over by a car, he was sent to live with his father in Carmel, IN, a posh suburb of Indianapolis. 


Though he'd spent summers with his father, who made millions from numerous successful businesses, he felt detached from his surroundings and people that were unfamiliar in nature. Keeping close to his older brother Marshall, he was exposed to a mature environment at a young age. Once Marshall left for college, Jxhn quickly stepped into a leadership role.   


During his freshman year, Jxhn organized a rap group known as “The Bird Boys.” He based that moniker on their collective motto: blaze up, get high and stay fly. Further seasoned by the "Black Out" sessions he enjoyed with his cousins during a summer trip to Hammond after his sophomore year, Jxhn was ready to cut throats.

After an early high school graduation, Jxhn was accepted to Morehouse College in Atlanta, where he was recruited as a party promoter. Always one to leave an impression, he was soon making music with Rob Green, grandson of Motown founder Berry Gordy. Supported by countless hours of writing, recording and soliciting features, Jxhn, along with his business associate Andrew Jean-Baptiste, dropped a collaborative project titled, "|M.O.E.T| Presents: No I In Team."

Upon earning his college diploma, Jxhn began booking shows around Atlanta and quickly became a fixture of open mic night at Club Crucial, an establishment owned by urban legend T.I. He received a huge boost in confidence from the love he garnered around town for his signature song, "Throw That A$$ Back." While his profile was steadily increasing, his profitability remained stagnant. Realizing he needed business acumen that matched his artistic acuity, he changed directions and moved to Washington, DC.


Broke and struggling, sheer attrition soldiered him through the entrepreneurial program that led to the founding of his marketing company, Belmont Executives, Inc.


So much more than just a brilliant lyricist, Jxhn is growing into his own as a visionary. A creative hand full of seeds, a hustle hand full of fertile soil and the focus of a rainmaker, Jxhn has all the requisite ingredients for cultivating success.  His entire mindset can be summed up by the title of his latest single, "KOBE” an acronym meaning “Keep On Balling Everyday." In command of his destiny, Jxhn Jacxb is ready to hand deliver a total package to the music industry. 



NO. "1" IN TEAM, VOL. 1




VOL. 1






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